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Natural Cream Sheepskin

Our natural cream sheepskins are sourced from a variety of meat sheep, such as the Cambridge or Hampshire breeds. These sheep produce larger size fleeces that are thicker and woolier.

Fleece texture
These classic fleeces are dense and springy in texture. The fibres are slightly crimped (wavy) to make them more supportive - they are still lovely and soft to touch but not quite as silky as the Icelandic or Rare Breed sheepskins.

Our small and medium sheepskins are younger fleeces so these are the softest. The large and extra-large skins are from more mature sheep, so these are denser with longer hair.

Best uses
The classic is the most versatile of all the sheepskins. It’s the best skin to place in front of the fire as it doesn’t molt in the heat. It’s very hardy and durable so can be used as a rug - its natural colouring makes it popular placed in a living space, nursery or bathroom.

For babies or adults, it can be used in a bedroom to sleep on - the cushioning and temperature regulating properties of sheepskin helps to provide a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Due to the springy supportiveness of the fleece, it’s good for less mobile people who sit or lie down for long periods of time and helps prevent pressure sores.

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