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How the bespoke sheepskin rugs service works

  1. Measure the area or space where you’d like to place your bespoke rug.
  2. Contact Lucy to discuss your needs and she'll suggest options and prices.
  3. Once you've chosen the size, Lucy will email you images of composite rugs so you can select the ones you'd like for your bespoke item.
  4. Your sheepskin is stitched together by our expert leather worker. (Please allow 1 week for doubles and 2 weeks for larger sizes).
  5. Once ready, we'll let you know when your bespoke rug has been dispatched. It will then arrive at your door within 48 hours.

For a more detailed explanation, to see the time and skill we put into making your bespoke rug, read this blog post on making a Decto sheepskin.

Benefits at a glance

  • Your sewn sheepskin is custom made to suit your specific needs.
  • You handpick the sheepskins before they are sewn together.
  • You get access to stock not for sale elsewhere on the site.
  • We’re skilled in making top quality sewn sheepskins - taking care to match colour, texture, hair length and thickness.
  • We can also supplied dyed sheepskins upon request.

Large sheepskin sizes - popular options

Diagram showing how double end-to-end sheepskins are put together side-by-side to make sheepskin rugs

Double sheepskin - side by side

Two sheepskins sewn together horizontally. This is good for a seat cover on a larger chair or a floor covering in a medium sized room.

Diagram showing how double end-to-end sheepskins are put together to make sheepskin rugs

Double sheepskin - end to end

Two sheepskins joined by their narrow ends. This longer shape is ideal to go along benches, hallways, bedsides or across the foot of your bed. Also great along the back of your sofa.

Diagram showing how three sheepskins are put together to make sheepskin rugs

Treble sheepskin

Three sheepskins sewn together in a row with the middle skin upside down so less skin needs to be cut away. A good size for a throw across a sofa or a rug in a larger living room.

Diagram showing how four sheepskins are put together to make sheepskin rugs

Quad sheepskin

Four sheepskins sewn together to form two rows of two. This size sheepskin is great as a bed or sofa throw.

Diagram showing how six sheepskins are put together to make sheepskin rugs

Sexto sheepskin

Six sheepskins sewn together to form two rows of three skins. Great as a larger bed throw to keep you cosy in your bedroom in winter, or at a ski chalet!

Diagram showing how eight sheepskins are put together to make sheepskin rugs

Octo sheepskin

A supersize sheepskin comprised of eight skins sewn together in four by two format. A real statement piece for larger living spaces.

Frequently asked questions

Are other sizes available?

The sizes above are the most requested ones by our customers but this is a bespoke service so we will always do our best to help you with any other requirements. Just get in touch and let us know how we can help.

Why does some of the sheepskin need to be cut away?

When stitching multiple skins together, we maintain a lovely natural sheepskin shape with a curvy outer edge. However, some of the skin has to be cut to make two straight edges to sew together. The way we fit them together tries to minimise this.

Depending on the size and shape you choose, Lucy can give you an estimate on the final size of your sheepskin.

Can I have a sheepskin dyed?

We can't dye sheepskin here but we offer a service to supply dyed sheepskins upon request. Call Lucy direct to discuss colour options and view samples of the dyed sheepskins available.

What is the largest sheepskin you can make?

The largest we have made to date is an amazing bespoke floor covering of 35 sewn sheepskins.

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