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Reindeer Hide

Reindeer skin rugs are extremely luxurious and unique items, adding warmth and beautiful texture wherever you place them.

Large scale reindeer herding started in the fells of Sweden and Norway during the late middle ages. As the Sami people travelled nomadically with their herds, the practice slowly spread to Lapland - the northernmost fringe of Finland.

Finnish Reindeer were first tamed in the 1600s. Reindeer farming to provide meat, milk and hides, has enabled people to live in the most inhospitable parts of Finland in the centuries since.

Supporting tradition
Reindeer herding is the most important livelihood keeping language and culture of the native Sami people alive today.

All our Grade A hides are ethically sourced from Finnish herding cooperatives and are natural by-products of the reindeer farmed for their meat. They provide valuable extra income to herders.

Hide texture
A reindeer can cope in freezing temperatures of -50C and heatwaves of +40C so their hides are very heat efficient.

Reindeer have a dual-coated hide, comprising longer outer guard hairs, which are hollow to form heat insulating air pockets, along with extremely dense under fur. This gives a gorgeously thick and velvety soft feel to the skins.

Hide colouring
Finnish herders have many names for Reindeer depending on the colour of the fur. A dark coloured reindeer is called a ‘musikki’, a light coloured one a ‘suivakko’ and a pure white one is called a ‘valkko.’ A brownish yellow reindeer is known as a ‘rusakko’.

Our particular hides feature beautiful natural hues of silvery grey, deep fawn and white. Each skin has its own unique markings, making a very individual decorative item.

Best uses
Reindeer hides are naturally very waterproof, making them good to use for comfort al fresco, on a garden bench or outdoor chair. they are also a great insulator to take camping, to either sleep on or under - just like the Finnish herders use them in their shelters called kota.

Indoors, reindeer hides work well as a throw over back of a sofa or wall hanging, to add natural warmth and texture to an interior.

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