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Medical Sheepskin

These are our classic natural cream sheepskins that have been shorn to the ideal length to be springy and supportive. This makes them particularly useful for babies or the less-mobile.

Tanning method
Our medical sheepskins are tanned using a natural and baby-safe tanning method. This is an authentic and environmentally-friendly process using alum salts which gives these medical sheepskins their distinctive yellow colour.

Why sheepskins are great for babies

  • Versatile - You can place it in the cot for sleeping on, on the floor for baby to lie on, or to line pushchairs or car seats.
  • Hypo-allergenic - recent research says sleeping on a sheepskin as an infant can help prevent allergies developing in later life.
  • Temperature regulating - This makes sheepskins especially helpful for small or low birth weight babies as they spend less energy keeping warm and use it to grow instead!
  • Portable - This comforting item is easily transportable, so is great to take on holidays or nights away to help baby to settle quickly.
  • Comforting and tactile - Sheepskin is comforting to a baby with its familiar smell and texture. It’s also a very tactile surface that’s plush and malleable for baby to explore.
  • Practical - The sheepskins are durable and naturally liquid and dirt repellant. They are also machine washable*, making them easy to maintain.

* See our sheepskin care guide for full washing instructions.

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