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Goat Skin

These are lightweight and flexible hides with fabulous markings. Goat skins have a silky outer hair, combined with a fine, soft and velvety under wool.

History of goat skins
Goat skin has been used a material since ancient times. The leather from goatskin has always been valued for its softness and durability, being used to make gloves, boots, bookbindings and even wine containers.

Using the undercoat of a goat skin to produce a super soft wool became popular in the 18th and 19th centuries. At this time, the upper Kashmir region of India had a thriving industry producing shawls from goat hair imported from Tibet. So the wool was named after this region to become known as ‘cashmere’. In South Asia, cashmere is called ‘pashmina’ meaning ‘fine wool’ in Persian.

Goat skin texture
The goat skin has softer insulating hairs nearer the skin, and longer guard hairs on the surface. It’s those inner hairs that are highly desirable for the textile industry. Its sought-after softness has made cashmere is one of the most expensive natural fibres commercially produced.

Our goat skins come from hardy breeds of short haired goats farmed in Asia.

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