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Cowhide is extremely durable and renowned for its toughness, so it makes a very practical and hard wearing rug.

Cattle breeds
Our cowhides come from Longhorn and short horn cattle breeds. Longhorn breed became the bedrock of the American cattle industry in the newly discovered Americas a little over 500 years ago. The cow hide used for our bags and doorstops comes from Friesian cattle.

The best cowhide rugs are from South America, where we source ours. The mild weather and rich soil there make the hides supple and silky. South American cow hides are also known for the quality of the tanning and they will last a lifetime with a little care.

Hide colours
The featured colours are a mix of cream, brown, black, dark brown, tan or white. Each hide has its own unique markings, which can range from very fine speckling, through to large patches of colour or a largely monotone hide.

Hide texture
Being so large, cowhides are weighty in feel so don’t move about when placed on the floor. A cowhide rug is soft and pliable to touch, with a silky smoothness and glossy shiny coat.

Popular uses
Being tough and durable, cow hides are great as rugs high traffic areas such as a family room. They will not shed or wear thin from high usage.

A cowhide is good placed in rooms with cold, hard floor surfaces because it creates a layer of warmth and comfort. Due to its large size, it’s great as a rug to fill bigger spaces.

Product care
Cowhides are very stain resistant and simple to clean. See our product care section for full details. The rugs are also easy to maintain with routine vacuuming - just be sure to use the standard floor head and not the rotating brush.

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