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Antelope Hide

Our Blesbok, Impala and Springbok hides are from a hotter climate so are a more delicate skin. The fine hairs are straight and flat but they are very smooth and silky to touch and have a very glossy coat.

All our hides come from humanely farmed antelope that provide the local community with a sustainable food source and income.

Impala hides
The Impala are medium-sized African Antelope found in the savannahs and light woodland of northeast South Africa, Uganda, Zambia, Mozambique, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya and northern Namibia.

Smaller than the blesbok, its coat is a glossy reddish brown. The red hue fades away towards the animal's sides and the underside is white, with a black stripe along the rump and tail.

Blesbok hides
Blesbok are a type of antelope found in the open plains of South Africa.

Blesbok have darker skins than Impala or Springbok, being a warm chestnut brown edged with white. The brown is lighter on the back, turning darker towards the leg before meeting a white underbelly.

This is a little larger in size compared to the other two antelope hides.

Springboks are found in the grasslands and semi-arid regions of southern Africa.

A springbok’s colouring is reddish tan in colour with a pale underside. On each flank is a distinctive dark brown stripe that separates the brown back from its white underside.

Best uses for antelope hides
Due to their delicate nature, antelope hides are best used decorative item for your interior, such as a wall hanging. They also look great draped over the back of a sofa.

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